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In their main role, commercial real estate developers serve as a bridge between the construction companies that build the buildings and the businesses that use them. Real Estate Developers help businesses to provide the optimal value in functionality, location and cost. They leverage their expertise as they work with construction companies on behalf of the tenant or client, to ensure that newly constructed buildings or investment property spaces meet the client needs. Developers are often property managers as well, so they keep operations smooth, allowing their clients to focus on their business. Connecting builders and users, real estate developers play an important role in controlling expenses and improving efficiency and effectiveness for all parties involved.


real estate developers

A good real estate developer goes further, having a vision, looking decades in the future to determine what commercial properties development projects will be needed, and where. Usually they imagine a development or building, an industrial park or shopping mall in a currently undeveloped area by looking into the future need. After analyzing the data a business plan will follow based on estate agents data collected, this way projecting the development process. Real estate developers or property development businesses are entrepreneurs who start from opportunity and drive it to reality, thus it's a full time - long term activity. The result is a completed project or growth of our communities and nations. Tomorrow's clients, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and employers will have a home or base or office because today's real estate developers had the vision to foresee their future needs.


Widely recognized as one of the most innovative and prolific developers in Eastern Europe, our group is dedicated to the highest standards of art, architecture, interior and landscape design. To ensure our vision is realized, DVG GROUP CORP offers in-house expertise that spans every aspect of the real estate equation from identifying opportunity and setting up and assembling sites, assigning the development manager, project managing, zoning, financing and fund raising, master planning, architecture and design, development team, construction management service, marketing, leasing and sales. For decades, we have placed design at the center of the brand working with best architects creating an impressive property portfolio.

Our group capabilities include: residential development ranging from affordable/workforce housing to luxury rental and for-sale residences; large format retail and industrial development; hotel and hospitality opportunities; and unparalleled expertise developing successful, dynamic mixed-use projects. Our GROUP buildings have redefined the concept of sophisticated urban living, contributing to the economic vitality and quality of life for their developments’ residents, visitors, neighborhoods, surrounding communities and cities at large.DVG GROUP CORP logo

Our expansion plan to US aligns with opening offices in gateway cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami.

US CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRYus construction industry

The US has a vibrant and widespread construction industry which has transformed the face of its cities and its countryside. Driven by rising real estate values and tax benefits available to the owner of real property, the construction industry has become one of the most powerful factors in the US economy. The US have recognized the utility of having many small companies involved in construction so, unlike much of Europe and Japan, the laws promote the ability of small companies to participate in large construction projects.


The reasons for failure are multiple. However important is to have the business and legal skills so you prime to succeed at development or complete property. Knowing how to build is different from formation and operation as a development company, obtain financing, interact with banks, subcontractors, contracts to assure efficient construction. Development is a leveraged investment; it is capable of profits if things go right. In a stable US market, where the laws are established and the financial institutions are familiar to the construction industry, the risks can be minimized.


quality development services

Our GROUP will arrange professionals who will perform the various tasks necessary for the development which will normally include at  the following people:

  1. A lending institution to arrange the financing of both the purchase of the land and the development.
  2. Legal experts to assist in the creation of an entity to purchase the property, financing for same, construction contracts, zoning and use issues, mechanics lien issues, and leasing or sale of the completed project.
  3. Tax experts to assist in the appropriate planning for the structure that will do the development and to maximize tax advantages of the development.
  4. Real estate professionals to locate the property to purchase and ultimately sell or lease the units created.
  5. Engineers and architects to plan the project. Planning and development services.
  6. General contractor to manage the construction itself and interact with the subcontractors.
  7. Subcontractors to work on the project.
  8. Environmental and/or land use experts to interact with local agencies on the issue of zoning and hazardous wastes, etc.
  9. Local counsel who can interact effectively with local city officials for variances.

The larger the project, the more the neighbors may object, resulting in more time needed for final approval of the project from the local building authorities. Careful planning will avoid disputes.


Our GROUP is commanding a multitude of various separate departments who do not have the same criteria for performance. Such process has many places where things can go not exactly as planned. The problem is not that things go wrong, but the flexibility to solve and initially plan to allow such events to occur. Examples are - financing that requires very strict completion dates and allows tremendous penalties. Another scenario - a construction schedule that doesn't count for the weather or the slowness of governmental approvals. Our development services department is a team of dedicated professionals, who work to provide you with the absolute best customer service in planning, building, and code enforcement.

There are certain common dangers that we always account for:risk cubes dice

  • the bank is not your friend.
  • The internal structure and control shall avoid the danger of delay in decision making and disputes.
  • The liability is critical in this field and guaranties are to be avoided.
  • Do not trust anyone professional to the exclusion of the checks and balances you need from other professionals.
  • The architect, engineer, contractor and subs need to be counted for. We create good contracts so that performance is required for payment.
  • Learn the lien laws.
  • Expect bad weather.
  • Sometimes bad subs may delay the project.
  • Expect the government to be slower as it should.
  • Neighborhood with strong local community opposition.
  • Place aside enough funds and energy to deal with or expect failure.
  • Respect the local politics.
  • Look for local professionals.
  • Do not try to change the zoning laws.
  • Do not try change the nature of a neighborhood.
  • Check environmental pollution of the property before acquisition.
  • The owner is liable for all environmental cleanup.
  • Use the right team and listen to them and make smart decisions.
  • No one has more interest in the success of the project as you – the rest have their own agendas.
  • Budget respectively taking in account the market, slowdown of sale or rental delays.

daniel varzari ceo dvg group corp

"I have to say, one of the fastest ways to tremendous wealth is development of property in the United States and while the risks are real, so are the returns. As developer you see the property improved. You are creating value where it did not previously exist. You connect to the property and the land, you interact directly with workers, professionals, government, and ultimately the client and this seems to be enjoyable.", Group CEO Daniel Varzari.

Property development made-to-measure

The infrastructure and cities of the future are being built around us today. The developments are smarter, sustainable, innovative and tailored to our evolving needs and ways of life. The developments that make up this future, like its clients, share many goals. For a development project to be truly successful today it should become an integral part of the work and life experience.

Building flexible and modular environments

A data-driven or smart building will generate endless possibilities. Creating a development with a global vision in mind allows one to form a successful and ergonomic ecosystem. A building life is longer than technology changing cycles, respectively a development shall be designed to support future upgrades. This can be achieved by understanding today's evolving techno-social landscape. A large mixed-use project can integrate commercial, offices with sporting facilities and housing.

Imagine & Build

We can build whatever you can imagine. Whether you are looking to build the perfect headquarters in line with your business goals, shopping mall or industrial premises, DVG GROUP CORP is committed to developing a flexible, sustainable solution tailored to your requirements. As your property development partner, we draw upon our expert knowledge of the European and US markets and regulations to support you at every stage of your commercial real estate project.

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